Policy Management Company (PMC) Partnership

Valmark’s Policy Management Company partners with your insurance advisor to reduce the risk of your life insurance policy not performing as designed.

Through a detailed review process and objective analysis, the PMC determines the current performance of your policy and identifies solutions to improve it as needed. Active and ongoing management with annual reviews keep the policy on track and performing as intended.

Number of different product companies managed by the PMC

Number of different products managed by the PMC

Amount (in billions) of death benefit under management

Percentage of policies without active management that are underperforming


Thought Leadership

No One In The Pilot’s Seat

Whose Policy Is It Anyway?

Life Insurance 10X: Chapter 11 – Ongoing Policy Management


Case Studies

Insurance Review Uncovers Pending Policy Lapse

The Case of the Missing Loan Repayment

The Case of the Premium Over-Payment


PMC Resources

PMC Partnership Brochure

Who’s Managing your Policy?

Insurance Carrier Premium Payment Info

Meet your PMC Team at Valmark

Lawrence J. Rybka, JD, CFP®
President and CEO
Valmark Financial Group
Chris Bottaro, MBA
Vice President of Insurance Services
Valmark Financial Group

Michael Michlitsch, MBA, CRPC®
Vice President, In Force Insurance Solutions

David Ayers
Insurance Specialist
Valmark Financial Group
Jennica Foster
Insurance Analyst
Valmark Financial Group
Chris Anderson
Policy Management Associate
Valmark Financial Group
Ben Rymer, FALU
Insurance Analyst
Valmark Financial Group
Tom Love, CLU, FLMI
Vice President, Insurance Analytics
Valmark Financial Group

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Do you have in-force policies in need of a review? We would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you about our ongoing policy management and monitoring service.

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